Marmot Bootjack 32 Backpack | Gear Review

I have to say the Bootjack 32 Backpack by Marmot is my favorite backpack yet.

While not a skiing specific backpack I rode with it this winter and it worked great. “But why?” you exclaim, “it’s just like every other backpack”, and you’re absolutely right, it is a bag with shoulder straps that is to be carried on one’s back….however I have become a huge fan of the roll-top on this baby. Partly because I’m a river runner and I love anything that resembles a dry bag so it’s a natural feel of rolling closed my backpack, not to mention its much quicker than a side-to-side zipper. Also, I believe that separation of laptop is key in any backpack today, and thats why you’ve got a side access computer pocket with a padded laptop sleeve. This means no more stuffing your laptop in through the main pocket only to have it blocked by your hoodie, tangled in your charger, scratched by your water bottle, and attacked by the bottom layer of your backpack including chocolate/dirt/hair/crumbs & assorted tops to Chapstick or whatever else lives down there. The remaining compartments on the Bootjack pack are minimal and compared to previous traveling I have cut back to only packing the essentials needed for my trip.

marmot Bootjack Backpack
So, If looking for a fundamental yet stylish backpack that turns heads in the airport on on campus -or on the resort – here ya go ????.

Bootjack 32 marmot

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