Olympics (part 1)

“Welcome to the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, benvenue” Johnny Lyall¬†yelled after he jumped through the rings to start the Olympics.

The Landing Pad used in the Opening Ceremony. Good Job KATAL

My olympic experience was AWESOME. I was a little Olympic monkey and took full advantage of everything the Olympics had to offer. My family visited me in Vancouver and we attended freestyle, hockey, skeleton, speed-skating  and the Ceremonies. After they left I began my work with Clean Air Champions in the Whistler Athlete village. Check back for photos of the athlete village and my gourmet meals. Working with Clean Air Champions was super fun and I am really excited to be on board with them. Visit: http://www.cleanairchampions.ca.

Speedy’s Medal

Speedyand I,

Kerry got us into the Proctor and Gamble house where I took full advantage of the free food and massages.

Being part of Speedy’s entourage was rad because we got to go to the Under Armor Party. Some drinks were consumed. Oh ya and thats body paint.

Check back for more pictures and videos from Vancouver.


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