I am pleased to announce that before I left for Asia I became a SAXX ambassador.  SAXX is a revolutionary men’s underwear company. If you are wondering how men’s underwear can be revolutionary take a look at the SAXX idea. Basically it’s about keeping your frank and beans on the same plate, in one area free from contact of the legs. “All SAXX feature Comfort Side Panels which provide men with contact free comfort, support, and great feel. Designed with a breathable thin mesh, SAXX Comfort Side Panels contour to the natural shape of men”. I wore my SAXX on my trip and lets just say that they became my favorite pair of underwear, and I won’t wear anything else while traveling. I would recommend SAXX underwear to every guy reading this post.  Guys if you put money toward one thing on your body…make it your package. Get a pair of SAXX.

Check out: for more information.

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