The Cohns in Vancouver

When my parents and my brother arrived in Vancouver in early August and we proceeded to feast on Sushi and then go watch the fireworks. On Sunday August 2nd I dropped my girlfriend off at the airport (Atsuko was off to Japan) and picked up my brothers bag that had been lost during his travels on his way back from Spain. The Cohn’s then took my two cars and drove to Whistler. After some time at the lake, playing with the Cote’s, and a wonderful dinner the Cohn’s went to bed.

On Monday: we drove back from Whistler, a very fun drive I might add in the TT convertible on the Sea to Sky Highway. We drove all the way to Deep Cove and rented sea kayaks and went kayaking. After the paddle we drove back into Vancouver, ate more sushi then I began last minute studying for my Spanish midterm the next day.


Tuesday: I had a Spanish test in the morning then the Cohn’s packed their bags and got on a ferry for the Sunshine Coast. We drove up the cost to Egmont and went on a hike to the Skookmchuck rapids. The Skookmchuck rapids are rapids that are caused by the tide. It is really amazing! And to make it better there were world-class kayakers playing in the holes, sick. After some fresh seafood we fell asleep a happy Cohn family.


Wednesday: The Cohn’s woke up early and got on a ferry to travel farther north. We got on a water taxi and went to Savary Island. This small island is also called the “little Hawaii of BC” and is filled with white sand beaches and palms, pretty cool! After hanging on the beach we took the taxi back and headed for Powell River so we could get a ferry to Vancouver Island. Two hours later we arrived on Vancouver Island and rushed to make the ferry for Denman Island. My dad lived on Denman Island so he wanted to go check it out and bring back some old hippie memories. The only problem was we ran out of Gas on Denman Island so we could not go far. Then the Cohn’s took the 10 minute ferry back to Vancouver Island, drove to Nanaimo and got another ferry back to Vancouver…. What a long Wednesday.

Thursday: I went to school from 10:30am – 1:00pm then the Cohn’s rented bikes and went on a long bike ride around Vancouver, then feasted on Indian food and packed their bags for their flight on Friday.

I just wanted to say that I have a really cool family and I cannot wait for our next adventure in Nepal this October.

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  1. You do have a cool family! But then again, you’re a pretty cool guy. Nice Blog!

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