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I am pleased to tell everyone that I have teamed up with National Jewish Health to help educate kids that suffer from severe asthma. Being born with severe asthma I have had to deal with the effects of asthma my whole life. In fact, my family had the first and only oximeter in the county, and I learned to walk/crawl with an oxygen tank attached to me. Being an athlete with severe asthma, and a frequent patient of the National Jewish hospital in Denver, Colorado, I decided to contact them with the idea to give back and educate kids that asthma does not have to stop you from doing what you love. The hospital also works with Daniel Graham (tight end for the Denver Broncos) as another spokesperson with asthma.  In August I will be making a trip to Denver to meet with National Jewish and begin making web-casts, as well as a short video documentary about my life with asthma.

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  1. Jake: That is AWESOME that you are doing that! Good for you! You are a great role model for all kids, especially kids who face physical challenges like asthma! You sure are one to have risen above and conquered! Keep on Rocking!!!!!

  2. Hey Coz! really proud of you for doing this! Keep doing what love!
    take care

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